Exhibition poster: La Grande Jatte: Spencer Finch (7 April-13 May 2023).

Poster (530 x 404 mm.), folded for mailing. Chicago: Rhona Hoffman Gallery, 2023.

Signed poster for Finch’s 2023 exhibition in Chicago, his sixth solo show with Rhona Hoffman. The show’s title is derived from Georges Seurat’s A Sunday on La Grande Jatte (1884/86), one of the treasures of the Art Institute of Chicago. Finch created 17 new polygonal paintings “formed by zooming in and cropping out identifiable or memorable moments of the historic painting, e.g., the monkey, parasol, or top hat.”–from Rhona Hoffman’s website.

As new, signed by the artist at the bottom of the poster.

Price: $100.00

Item ID: 9161