Item ID: 9154 Piramidi. Sol LEWITT.

One of 150 Copies


Two folded photolithographed plates (both 165 x 124 mm. folded). Two printed leaves (title & hand-numbered limitation statement), folded. Housed in publisher’s printed folder. Torino: Marco Noire Editore, 1986.

A rare publication made for LeWitt’s exhibition at Marco Noire in 1986. It was printed in a small edition of 150 copies by “fratelli Cirone & Donatella Gaydou.” The present work consists of two finely rendered plates of pyramids that were displayed as part of LeWitt’s show. Many of his exhibitions in the mid-80s involved large-scale wall drawings and prints employing the pyramid form.

In fine condition. WorldCat records a single copy in North America.

❧ G. Maffei & E. de Donno, Sol LeWitt: Artist’s Books (2009), p. 116.

Sol LeWitt: Libros, El concepto como arte (2014) 83 (pictured pp. 176-77).

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Item ID: 9154