Item ID: 8628 Double Effort. Ulises CARRIÓN.
Double Effort.
Double Effort.

Double Effort.

Graphite drawings throughout on triangular paper, laminated. [6] leaves, laminated covers with ms. title, signature, and date written in blue marker, metal spiral-bound. [Amsterdam?]: Self-published, 1984.

A unique hand-drawn bookwork by Ulises Carrión (1941-89), unrecorded by Ocampo and Agius in their catalogue raisonné. In the final decade of his life, Carrión created a group of geometric and minimalist books about which very little is known. This one depicts two rectangles that are initially nearly touching but, as one turns the pages, become increasingly distanced while the rectangle on the right shrinks. The book is signed by Carrión in blue marker on the lower cover and dated “’84.” The drawings were rendered on thin paper that has been expertly laminated. We are not certain whether the lamination was the artist’s original intention, but it has preserved the book’s leaves well.

This bookwork comes from the collection of Guy Schraenen (1941-2018), the principal chronicler of Carrión’s life and work. It was also part of the display at Dear reader. Don’t read., the first major exhibition on Ulises Carrión, curated by Schraenen. Curiously, in the exhibition catalogue the date is recorded as 1988.

A unique bookwork drawn by Ulises Carrión, in excellent condition.

❧ G. Schraenen, ed., Dear reader. Don’t read. (2016), pp. 84 & 101 (pictured) [but dated “1988”].

Not in J. J. Agius & R. Ocampo, eds., Ulises Carrión: Books & More, Catalogue Raisonné (2013).

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Item ID: 8628