Item ID: 7801 Ba qi yi wen bian mu 八旗藝文編目 [Edited Catalogue of Eight-Banner Literature]. ENHUA 恩華.

Ba qi yi wen bian mu 八旗藝文編目 [Edited Catalogue of Eight-Banner Literature].

58; 72 folding leaves. Four juan in two vols. 8vo, orig. wrappers (a little chipped), orig. printed title labels on upper covers (labels a little frayed), orig. stitching. [Beijing]: ca. 1941.

Bannermen referred to soldiers, and their dependents, in the Manchu’s armies that invaded China in 1644. There were Manchu, Mongol, and Chinese banners, and their members retained separate identities, yet as bannermen they shared many aspects of urban garrison life and culture. With many bannermen living a life of peace as officials with primarily civilian tasks, writers and men of letters emerged from the banner milieu. Toward the end of the 19th century, efforts were made to take stock of the literary production of the banners. In 1901, the Chinese bannerman Yang Zhongxi 楊鐘羲 (1865–1940) published Baqi wenjing 八旗文經 [Literary Canon of the Eight Banners], a work that he had compiled together with his cousin Sheng-yu 盛昱 (1850–1900), an imperial clansman born to a Mongolian mother. Our book is a continuation of this trend of inventorying and celebrating banner literature.

Our book, Edited Catalogue of Eight Banner Literature, is a first or early edition of this important bibliography of writings by Qing dynasty bannermen. Enhua (or En-hua; b. ca. 1867, but A.N.U. gives 1879-1954), a prominent Japanese educated Mongol bannerman from the Zhenjiang garrison, served as vice minister of laws in 1924 for the Beiyang government. He was a well-known bibliophile, known for his collection of books written by bannermen.

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Item ID: 7801

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