Verzeichniss der in den letzten vier Jahren in England und Frankreich erschienenen vorzüglichsten Bücher.

152 pp. 8vo, orig. pink printed wrappers bound in attractive modern marbled wrappers. [From the upper wrapper]: “Perthes & Besser Buchhandlung Hamburg 1816.”

Following a nine-year apprenticeship, Friedrich Christoph Perthes (1772-1843), established his own book business in 1796. Two years later, he entered into a partnership with his brother-in-law, Johann Heinrich Besser (1775-1826). They soon became one of the leading publishing and bookselling firms of northern Germany. During the Napoleonic period, Perthes experienced many difficulties caused by his public resistance to French influences and was forced to leave Hamburg.

This remarkable priced catalogue lists about 3000 books published in Britain and France from 1812 to 1816; it is quite incredible to imagine the quality and range of the stock of foreign books held by Perthes & Besser. Pages 1-77 list the British books; pages 81-149 the French books, and pages 150-52 list about 60 books published in North America, including Lewis and Clark’s recently issued History. Perthes & Besser also sold British scholarly journals.

Rare; WorldCat lists one copy in North America.

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