A collection of twelve offprints.

12 vols. in 11. Many with engraved plates. Large 4to, each self-bound with cont. paste-paper spines, uncut. N.p. (but Munich & Bonn): 1808-23.

A fine collection of offprints, mostly on botanical subjects, by the Jesuit priest Schrank (1747-1835). Before being appointed professor of botany at the University of Münich (he was the first director of the University’s botanical garden), Schrank was professor of mining, agriculture, forestry, botany, and zoology at the University of Ingolstadt. Acting several times as rector during the years of his professorship at Ingolstadt and Landshut, he defended the interests of the universities during the French and Austrian occupations on many occasions.

Schrank was an astonishingly prolific author and travelled widely under the auspices of the Bavarian Academy of Sciences. His excellent descriptions of flora are distinguished by their originality, clear presentation, and logical classification.

The offprints are:

1. “Zwey neue Pflanzengattungen.” Pp. 91-98.

2. “Grimaldia, eine neue Pflanzengattung.” Three engraved plates. Pp. 99-124.

3. “Ueber die Weise, wie sich Aufgußtierchen bey ihren Bewegungen benehmen.” One engraved plate. Pp. 1-40.

4. “Ueber die Sparsamkeit der Formen im Pflanzenreiche.” Pp. 51-80.

5. “Ueber die Lebhaftigkeit einiger Pflanzen.” Pp. 81-102.

6. “Ueber die Priestleysche Grüne Materie.” Pp. 1-30.

7. “Omphalodes.” Pp. 217-22.

8. “Ueber die blauen Schatten.” Pp. 293-312.

9. “Ueber die Priestleysche Grüne Materie. Zweyte Abhandlung.” One engraved plate. Pp. 1-24.

10. “Ueber die wattewebenden Elsenraupen.” One folding engraved plate. Pp. 69-88.

11. “Commentatio de rarioribus quibusdam, maximam partem Arabicis, plantis in amplissima Schreberi collectione repertis.” Pp. 161-196.

12. “Über die Oscillatorien.” 1 p.l., 525-40.

Fine and fresh copies. Rare.
❧ Catholic Encyclopedia (on-line). Poggendorff, II, 841.

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