“Established the Fundamental Principles of the

Calculus of Probabilities”–Evans

Ars Conjectandi, Opus Posthumum. Accedit Tractatus De Seriebus Infinitis, et Epistola Gallicè scripta de Ludo Pilae Reticularis.

Woodcut device on title, two folding printed tables, & one folding woodcut plate. Diagrams in the text. 2 p.l., 306, 35, [1] pp. 4to, cont. speckled sheep (upper joint with short crack, bookplate on blank portion of title patched, minor foxing), spine gilt, red leather lettering piece on spine. Basel: impensis Thurnisiorum, Fratrum, 1713.

[bound with]:

BERNOULLI, Nicolaus I. Dissertatio Inauguralis Mathematico-Juridica. De Usu Artis Conjectandi in Jure. 56 pp. 4to. Basel: J.C. Mechel, 1709.

A most attractive sammelband.

I. First edition of “the first systematic attempt to place the theory of probability on a firm basis and is still the foundation of much modern practice in all fields where probability is concerned — insurance, statistics and mathematical heredity tables.”–Printing & the Mind of Man 179.

II. First edition. Nicolaus I (1687-1759), nephew of Jacob I and Johann I and editor of the Ars Conjectandi, obtained the degree of doctor of jurisprudence with this dissertation on the application of the calculus of probability to questions of law. I believe this to be an important contribution to probability.

Very good copies.

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