Item ID: 9848 [Bibliography of Research Papers on the Northeast: Japanese-Language Section]. DONG BEI YAN JIU LUN WEN PIAN MU: RI WEN ZHI BU 東北研究論文篇目:日文之部.

Japanese Research on Manchuria

[Bibliography of Research Papers on the Northeast: Japanese-Language Section].

154 pp. Small 8vo, orig. semi-stiff wrappers. [Shenyang]: Liaoning shen gli tu shu guan 遼寧省立圖書館, 1947.

A rare bibliography of Japanese-language research on Manchuria. Known as the Northeast in today’s China, Manchuria comprises three provinces (Liaoning, Jilin, and Heilongjiang). Before the mid-19th century, it also included large swaths of territory north of the Amur river, including present-day Vladivostok and parts of what is now Inner Mongolia. In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, the region became contested between the Russian and Japanese empires. The Chinese Republic struggled to maintain control of the region, which eventually came under Japanese control with the founding of the puppet-state of Manchukuo in 1932. Manchuria reverted to Chinese rule after the end of World War II.

The political wrestling over Manchuria inspired research on the region in both China and Japan. On the ground, largely under the auspices of the Southern Manchuria Railway Corporation, as well as in Japan itself, social scientists carried out important studies on the region’s archaeology, history, society, economy, languages, geology, religions, architecture, art and literature, land tenure, migration, kinship system, folkloristics, and more. The results of this research are listed in this bibliography, which contains an index for easy retrieval.

The bibliography was compiled by the then recently established Liaoning Provincial Library in Shenyang.

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Item ID: 9848