Item ID: 9816 Fo er ya 佛爾雅 [A Buddhist “Approaching Elegance”]. Chun 周春 ZHOU.

Glosses to the Buddhist Scriptures

Fo er ya 佛爾雅 [A Buddhist “Approaching Elegance”].

34; 29 folding leaves. Two vols. 8vo., orig. wrappers (a little frayed & torn with no loss of text). Shanghai: Guo xue fu lun she 國學扶輪社, 1910.

An edition of this lexicographical work by Qing philologist Zhou Chun (1729-1815). A Buddhist “Approaching Elegance” is modeled on the ancient work Erya 爾雅 [Approaching Elegance]. Erya is the only lexicographical work among the Confucian “thirteen classics.” It is divided into themes. Within every theme, it lists headwords with definitions. It is believed that Erya originated as glosses on the classics.

In our book, Zhou Chun subjected the Buddhist scriptures to an Erya-like treatment. He divided the book into themes (e.g., “names,” “tools,” “mountains,” “herbs,” “birds,” and “beasts”) and listed Indic names along with their Chinese translations. The Indic names are all written in Chinese characters.

The book has a Preface by Chen Hongshou 陳鴻壽 (1768-1822), dated 1816; one by Zhou, dated 1791; and an undated colophon by Zhao Dounan 炤斗南.

Guo xue fu lun she, the publisher of our book, was founded in Shanghai in 1902 and started publishing in 1905. It appears that the last book was published in 1916.

Very good copy.


Baidu baike 百科.

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Item ID: 9816