Item ID: 9642 Jin wen bian 金文編 [Arranged Bronze Inscriptions]. Geng 容庚 RONG.

A Reference Work for Bronze Inscriptions

Jin wen bian 金文編 [Arranged Bronze Inscriptions].

149; 204 folding leaves. 18 juan in two vols. Large 8vo, orig. wrappers (wrappers a little defective), orig. stitching. Changzhou: Yian tang 貽安堂, 1925.


—. Jin wen xu bian 金文續編 [Sequel to Arranged Bronze Inscriptions]. 118, 100 folding leaves. 14 juan plus appendices in two vols. 8vo, orig. wrappers, orig. stitching. Foxing. Shanghai: Shang wu yin shu guan 商務印書館, 1935.

First editions of these reference works for the study of Chinese ancient inscriptions on “elaborately decorated bronze vessels (for cooking, serving, drinking, or storing), bells, mirrors, tools, and weapons…The vessels were used by the elite to present ritual offerings to their ancestors” (Wilkinson, Chinese History, 689-90).

The books match character forms known from the bronzes with current Chinese characters. The sequel contains characters from objects unearthed after 1924. The author, Rong Geng (1894-1983), entered graduate school at Peking University in 1922, specializing in national studies (sinology). The present publication brought academic recognition to Rong, with a professorship at Yenching University.

Arranged Bronze Inscriptions underwent four editions. Our copy, which belongs to the first edition, has two volumes. Judging by the writing on the covers, the two volumes were intended as a complete set. The copy held at the University of Melbourne (WorldCat 1141100061) is also in two volumes and appears identical to our copy. Other copies are listed as in four volumes (WorldCat 122962338). The relationship between these copies is not clear. Perhaps they incorporate the sequel.


Wang Wanli 汪万里. “’Ronggui guli’: Rong Geng xiejiu Jinwen bian, Jinwen bian chengjiu Rong Geng” “容归故里”|容庚写就《金文编》,《金文编》成就容庚. Sohu 搜狐网

Wilkinson, Endymion. Chinese History: A New Manual. Cambridge, Mass.: Harvard University Asia Center, 2013.

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Item ID: 9642

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