Item ID: 9241 bulletin 38 (24 April-14 May 1971). Stanley BROUWN.

bulletin 38 (24 April-14 May 1971).

[4] pp. Single folded A3 sheet, horizontal folds for mailing. Amsterdam: Art & Project, 1971.

A mailed copy of Brouwn’s third Art & Project bulletin. It opens with the phrase: “the total number of my steps in 1971 in Oslo.” This is repeated with various cities around the world, but they represent trips in future years, through 1985. The cities that Brouwn will visit include: Oslo, Addis Ababa, Tokyo, Dublin, Montevideo, Rome, Reykjavik, Beirut, Port au Prince, Mexico City, Ottawa, Tunis, Canberra, Brasilia, and Moscow.

Near fine; minor paper wrinkling. Addressed to gallerist Albert Waalkens (1920-2007), who operated a notable gallery out of a stable on his farm in Finsterwolde, The Netherlands. One of ca. 400 mailed copies, out of a total edition of ca. 800.

Art & Project. A History (2023) E045.

Harry Ruhé, ed., stanley brouwn: a chronology (2nd ed.: 2005).

Price: $375.00

Item ID: 9241