Artist’s multiple: 1 eindhoven foot = 29.2 cm*.

1 Eindhoven foot of gray plastic tube & a tall printed sheet (422 x 152 mm.) with a vertical line representing 1 Eindhoven foot and text. Eindhoven: 2005.

Rare Stanley Brouwn (1935-2017) multiple, it was available for purchase at a local hardware store, De Spijker, for the duration of the artist’s 2005 show at the Van Abbemuseum (22 January-17 April 2005).

From the printed sheet: “*one of the old dutch linear measurements, varying in length from those of other cities, as was customary for the time…

“1 m: in 1821 the kingdom of the netherlands was the first nation in the world to make the metric system compulsory. at the time the length of the metre was based on 1/40.000.000 of the circumference (meridian) of the earth. nowadays there are much more exact methods to establish the length of 1 m.”

In excellent condition.

❧ Harry Ruhé, ed., stanley brouwn: a chronology (2nd ed.: 2005).

Price: $750.00

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