Item ID: 8886 bulletin 113 (11 December 1979-12 January 1980). Lawrence WEINER.

bulletin 113 (11 December 1979-12 January 1980).

Diagrams printed in green throughout. [4] pp. Single folded A2 sheet. Amsterdam: Art & Project, 1979.

Lawrence Weiner’s fifth Art & Project bulletin.

“The artists most at home with creating pageworks for the format of the Bulletin are Lawrence Weiner and Richard Long, the one primarily with words, the other primarily with photographs. In most cases Weiner’s Bulletins activated the centrefolds with paired (occasionally tripled) phrases…[They] are simply but effectively conceived for the openings of the Bulletin; they also appeared in tandem and harmony with his artist books of the same time – some published by Art & Project – the difference between the two being simply a matter of extent, that is: the difference between a pagework and a bookwork. (It should be noted that although he was involved regularly and substantially over the life of the Art & Project Bulletin, Weiner might have been the most constrained by the repeated A3/A4 format, since uniquely he produced on Bulletin, number 113, as a poster (A2/A4)…”-Clive Phillpot, ‘”Everything Just Floating’ — The Art & Project Bulletins,” Art & Project Bulletins 1-156, September 1968-November 1989 (2011), pp. 21 & 23.

In fine condition. Edition of 500-800 copies.

❧ D. Schwarz, ed., Lawrence Weiner: Books 1968-1989, Catalogue Raisonné (1989), Catalogs no. 18.

Art & Project. A History (2023) E191.

S. Leiber, curator, Extra Art: A Survey of Artists’ Ephemera, 1960-1999 (2001) 32.

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Item ID: 8886