Item ID: 8772 [Proposal Series] (Leiber No. 43). Steven LEIBER, bookseller.

[Proposal Series] (Leiber No. 43).

23 mailed envelopes (104 x 241 mm.) with one or multiple sheets (27 sheets in total, each 278 x 532 mm. unfolded) with listings and black & white illus. San Francisco: 2003-5.

An ingenious Steven Leiber (1957-2012) catalogue, this, his 43rd, was constituted serially from October 2003 to July 2005 envelope by envelope; our set is complete with all 23 envelopes, containing 27 “Proposals.” Most of the envelopes were mailed at regular two-week intervals. Steven Leiber Catalogs attributes the inspiration for the present catalogue to a 1969 series of project reports made by the conceptual art collective N. E. Thing Co., who employed the format to document a set of performance and land art projects.

Each “Proposal” focuses on a particular artist or theme — e.g., James Lee Byars, Ulises Carrión, JH Kocman, Hans-Peter Feldmann, Joseph Kosuth, Carolee Schneemann, Dwan Gallery, Cy Twombly, Lawrence Weiner, Pop Art, Art & Project bulletins, Ant Farm, Artists’ Books Reference Material, etc., etc. Most of these are illustrated on the reverse of the printed sheets, a valuable record of certain exceptionally rare materials and unique works.

Our set of this catalogue is in remarkably fine condition, especially given the vagaries of the postal system. It was mailed to (and preserved by) a fellow bookseller, Paule-Léon Bisson-Millet, who is based in Germany.

Steven Leiber Catalogs (2019), pp. 181-85.

Price: $1,450.00

Item ID: 8772