Item ID: 8702 bulletin 1995. Steven LEIBER, bookseller.
bulletin 1995.

Leiber No. 18

bulletin 1995.

Many black & white illus. Eighty-one folded sheets housed in the orig. mailing box (310 x 247 x 158 mm.), printed label & mailing label adhered to top of lid, mailed. San Francisco: 1995.

One of Leiber’s most famous catalogues (no. 18), complete with all 81 “bulletins.” Leiber imitated the format of Art & Project’s fabled bulletin, a serial publishing endeavor undertaken by Adriaan van Ravesteijn and Geert van Beijeren from 1968 to 1989.

Leiber’s catalogue was divided into 81 folded sheets, some with added printed sheets; our copy is complete. The listings include scarce materials by or related to Marina Abramovic & Ulay, Bochner, Barbara Bloom, Boltanski, Brouwn, Buren, Cage, Darboven, Feldmann, Haacke, Holzer, Ray Johnson, Kruger, LeWitt, Marclay, Richter, Roth, Ruscha, Weiner, etc. There are also bulletins devoted to “Arte Povera,” “Artist Stamps,” “Fluxus,” “Land Art,” “Latin American Artists and Publications,” “Video Artists,” “10 Women Artists,” “Dadazines,” etc. A full list of the catalogue’s bulletins is available on request.

In fine condition; this is a special bookseller catalogue, illustrative of Leiber’s ingenuity and industriousness. This example was mailed to mail art participant Stephen Perkins in October 1995. WorldCat records just one copy in the United States, at SF-MoMA.

Steven Leiber Catalogs (2019), pp. 73-76.

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Item ID: 8702