Monography of my Stamps.

Stamped on rectos only. Title-page on green stock, [27] stamped leaves. Vertically-oriented small 8vo (129 x 85 mm.), patterned paper wrappers. [Czech Republic: Self-published, “1973”].

A compendium of Kocman’s celebrated stamps, signed and dated on the title-page: “JHK ‘73.” Each page bears stamp impressions by Kocman (b. 1947) — e.g., “all written on this page is a poem by j. h. kocman,” “love is my art activity,” “yes, i am very interested in paper” — and several created by Ben Vautier.

Fine. WorldCat: Museum of Modern Art (NY), Getty, VCU, and Yale.

❧ From the preface, written by Jírí Valoch, in J | H | Kocman: Artists’ Books and Papers (1997), published by Galerie Rudolfinum Praha, p. 5–”Kocman was instrumental in the development of stamp art (being one of the first artists to use stamps to carry his message and by editing the first anthology of artists’ stamps in the world) and of mail art (with his emphasis on the personal character of artistic communication, on the fact that it is addressed to a particular person) as new art categories…”.

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