Item ID: 8080 Photocopied flyer: “The Death of the Art Dealer” a film by Ulises Carrión. Ulises CARRIÓN.

Flyer for Carrión’s Only Film

Photocopied flyer: “The Death of the Art Dealer” a film by Ulises Carrión.

Single A4 sheet, printed on both sides, illus. on recto. Amsterdam: 1982.

Rare flyer for the lone film made by Ulises Carrión (1941-89). In the years after the closing of Other Books and So, the artist focused much of his efforts on video works, eventually founding Time Based Arts, a gallery dedicated to supporting video artists. On the verso, Carrión describes the film, which was “originally produced for the International Media Meeting, organized by the Agora Foundation in Maastricht from 19 to 25 April 1982.”

“Ever since his participation in the activities of the In-Out Center, Carrión along with other Amsterdam artists shared an increasing interest in the possibility of film and video to document their numerous ephemeral activities and to work with the question of time…Carrión found in the language of film a support for his questioning of narrative, widening the possibilities beyond what was previously limited to literature…In his only film, the record of a performance The Death of the Art Dealer (1982), Carrión transfers into performance and film the type of processes he had applied to the literary text. Holding a small television set showing a 1940s film by Max Ophuls, Carrión moves to the right or left to the rhythm of the movements of the characters in the film. The soundtrack is that of the original film but the narrative itself is ignored. Instead, what one observes is a fairly unnoticed and typically forgettable structural aspect. In a way, Carrión’s movements are like the parentheses and punctuation marks that he had previously used to strikethrough text in his pieces on certain literary works.”–Joao Fernandes, “Art as Subversion: Make and Remake to Make Anew,” in Dear reader. Don’t read., p. 45.

Pristine copy.

❧ Guy Schraenen, ed., Dear reader. Don’t read. (2016) pp. 128, 130-31 (pictured).

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Item ID: 8080

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