What Ism Fluxism? List A-91. BOUND, bookseller UNBOUND.

“The Debate About What Is or Isn’t Fluxus Is Not Likely to be Resolved Soon”

What Ism Fluxism? List A-91.

Many black & white illus. Seven legal sheets, printed on both sides, stapled. New York: 1991.

Scarce bookseller’s catalogue of Fluxus materials. It begins with an authoritative essay on Fluxus and its various schools and proponents. Barbara Moore, one of the two proprietors of Bound & Unbound, was close with many of these figures, such as George Maciunas and Dick Higgins. 42 extremely rare and valuable materials are offered, including books, a wristwatch, periodicals, posters, ephemera, photographs, an audio cassette, etc. There are materials by or related to Brecht, Filliou, Higgins, Knowles, Maciunas, Mac Low, Mekas, Barbara & Peter Moore, Ono, Paik, Rot, Saito, Spoerri, E. Williams, Young, etc. A few of the listings are illustrated.

In near fine condition; two minuscule stains to the first leaf and paper a trifle wrinkled.

Price: $300.00

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