Scroll on fine thin paper, entitled at beginning “Kaibo zu” [“Illustrated Dissection”], with 12 finely painted images.

Scroll (270 x 3380 mm.). [Japan]: at end (in trans.): “1839, August 29th, copied [by] Ken Hayashi.”

From the label that has been pasted-on at the end of this finely illustrated dissection scroll, we learn that it was presented at “the 49th dissection meeting” held on “October 23rd [but corrected in red ink to 27th] 1842.” We assume that the scroll was prepared at the time of a dissection taking place in 1839.

There are 12 finely painted depictions of the anatomy of the chest and abdomen, all in delicate colors and shadings, giving a nearly three-dimensional effect. In one case, the artist has applied mica. Other illustrations employ delicate watercolors and a thickish powdery white paint for further life-like effects. Colors used are yellow, brown, pink, gray, green, terra cotta, several purples and blues, red, and white.

Illustrated are the urinary and digestive tracts, lungs, heart, kidneys, liver, spleen, penis, and bladder.

In fine and fresh condition, preserved in a modern wooden box. A few minor wormholes in blank margins.

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