Catalogue No. 3: January 1976, Editions by Artists. bookseller ART METROPOLE.

Art Metropole’s Catalogue No. 3: First State

Catalogue No. 3: January 1976, Editions by Artists.

Many black & white text illus. [64] pp. Small 8vo (210 x 135 mm.), orig. pictorial wrappers (minor sunning to head & spine), staple-bound. Toronto: 1976.

The Art Metropole’s very scarce third catalogue of books, periodicals, films, and videotapes. Two years before Printed Matter was established in New York, Art Metropole became the first large-scale distributor of artists’ publications in North America. The collective General Idea (AA Bronson, Felix Partz & Jorge Zontal), which had been working with printed matter since the creation of FILE Megazine in 1972, founded this artist-run space in 1974.

Expanding greatly on Art Metropole’s previous catalogues, which primarily featured North American artists, No. 3 represents many more listings by artists from around the world. In addition to works by Baldessari, Beuys, Buren, Huebler, Kawiak, Knowles, LeWitt, Resnick, Rot, Schwegler, Vostell, Stokes & Douglas, etc., this catalogue includes publications from Edition Hansjörg Mayer, Beau Geste Press, Something Else Press, Visual Studies Workshop, and General Idea. We also find exhibition catalogues, special editions, and video works, many of which are now very valuable.

In excellent condition; very faint browning to the head of some pages and inevitable paper defects due to the poor quality of the newsprint used, causing the leaves to be a little wrinkled, but this does not obscure any text. Due to a printing error, there are two states of this catalogue; in the first state (this copy), two pages from the Film section are mistakenly placed among the Publications.

❧ See “Art Metropole’s Publications and Events History with Related Ephemera, January 1971 – April 2006,” on the National Gallery of Canada website.

“If we examine the years in which artist-run spaces were founded, it becomes evident that the heyday of the founding euphoria was the 1970s…Although Ecart came into being in 1969 and MOCA in 1970, the majority of the artist-run spaces were set up some years later: Western Front in 1973, Art Metropole and Zona in 1974, La Mamelle [and Other Books and So] in 1975, Franklin Furnace and Printed Matter in 1976, and Artpool in 1979…Identified as alternative art spaces, nonprofit art organizations, artist-oriented spaces, or artist-run spaces, these places define an area of shared experiences of experimenting with a concept of art that had no boundaries, and they linked art forms and the operating model of collective self-organization into a single venture. The bookshops and publishing activities integrated into the collectives emphasize a central aspect of collective activities: acting and communicating autonomously, and independently of the commercial art business, far beyond geographical boundaries.”–G. Detterer & M. Nannucci, eds., Artist-Run Spaces (2012), pp. 23-25.

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