Item ID: 7275 [Exhibition catalogue]: Rubber Stamp Books. Ulises CARRION, curator.

[Exhibition catalogue]: Rubber Stamp Books.

Text illus. Four unnumbered leaves. Printed sheets (297 x 210 mm.), orig. brown wrappers, staple-bound. [From the first page]: Hou, Denmark: Egmont Højskolen, Feb. 1979.

A very scarce exhibition catalogue crafted by Ulises Carrion. The artist also curated exhibitions on bookworks, mail art, and rubber stamp books in Emmastad, Curaçao; Warsaw; Amsterdam; Rotterdam; Budapest; Alkmaar; Maastricht; Cambridge, England, etc. The present catalogue, with text in English and Danish, begins with Carrión thanking the artist Niels Lomholt. He then describes the exhibited materials: “Time pressures didn’t allow for a wide research, but I believe that the show includes most if not all the significant artists in this field. Some available catalogues and anthologies have been included because they possess a reasonable coherence in character, theme, or intentions. These criteria, rather than dictionary definitions, were also applied when deciding what was to be considered as being ‘a book.’ The show includes quite a number of unbound works; in all cases, however, they consist of a series of loose works that have been put between the same covers and under a common name. Many of the included items were lent by Aart van Barneveld from the Stempelpaats in Amsterdam.”

This exhibition featured the works of Anna Banana, Luciano Bartolini, Peter van Beveren, Cozette de Charmoy, Robert Jacks, Ray di Palma, Pawel Petasz, Dieter Roth, Ruedi Schill, Gabor Toth, Dick Walraven, etc. A few of the pieces are illustrated.

In excellent condition.

❧ U. Carrión, Quant aux Livres / On Books (2008), p. 210.

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Item ID: 7275