[From first sheet]: Mirror Box. Ulises CARRIÓN.

[From first sheet]: Mirror Box.

20 blue & red stamped images of boxers. 12 synthetic felt sheets. Small 4to (188 x 190 mm.), staple-bound. [From slip laid-in]: Geneva: Héros-Limite, 1995.

The rare second edition of a famous bookwork by the artist, illustrated with the original rubber stamps used for the 1979 first edition. Carrión was a life-long devotee of boxing and several of his performances and art pieces concerned the sport.

“Mirror Box is printed on synthetic felt with rubber stamps of two boxers facing each other in sequential sparring positions. The soft touch of the page, in contrast to the strong punch of the imagery, makes for a potent allusion to the exchange and repression of male sexuality.”–T. Guest & G. Celant, Books by Artists (1981), p. 62 (describing the first edition).

The original edition (100 copies) is now extremely rare, and we locate only four copies in North America. From a numbered edition of 200, the present work is also scarce, and we do not find any copy in the United States.

As new.

❧ U. Carrión, Quant aux Livres (2008), p. 200.

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