Item ID: 7187 Gai yu cong kao [Collection of Literary & Historical Thoughts & Studies]. Yi ZHAO, or CHAO.
Gai yu cong kao [Collection of Literary & Historical Thoughts & Studies].
Gai yu cong kao [Collection of Literary & Historical Thoughts & Studies].

“One of the Three Greatest Poets of Southern China”

Gai yu cong kao [Collection of Literary & Historical Thoughts & Studies].

43 parts in 16 vols. 8vo, orig. wrappers, new stitching. [China]: Zhan yi tang, Prefaces dated 1790 & 1791.

First edition. Zhao (1727-1814), “was an important poet and historian from Yanghu. He was born poor and supported himself at first as a private tutor. In 1761 he passed the imperial examination and in a long career served in many official capacities. Upon being appointed the prefect of Zhenan, Guanzi province, in 1766, he showed himself to be a reformer, dedicated to helping the common people. From 1784 to 1786 he became the director of the Anting Academy in Yangzhou. In addition to writing a collection of ‘poetry talk’ (critical notes on poetry), he wrote a dynastic history, histories of military campaigns, and other important works. He was a friend of Yuan Mei (1716-1798) and was considered along with Yuan Mei and the poet and playwright Jiang Shiquan (1725-1785) one of the three greatest poets of Southern China.”–Barnstone & Chou, eds., The Anchor Book of Chinese Poetry, p. 339.

The present work is a collection of Zhao’s miscellaneous poetry and writings on classical Chinese literature (especially poetry), history and historiography (one volume is devoted to a discussion of the Tongjian Gangmu of 1172), politics, dynastic history, philosophy, and various other subjects. One of the foremost historians of his day, he was among the first to turn his attention to the larger, more fundamental problems of historiographical method and social and institutional history.

Fine set.

❧ Nienhauser, ed., The Indiana Companion to Traditional Chinese Literature, Vol. 1, pp. 229-30–”Chao’s literary talents were manifold, encompassing those of poet, essayist, calligrapher, and critic. He mastered many poetic forms, including both old- and new-style verse…Chao was a prolific writer, producing many works on a great variety of subjects, including history, politics, and philosophy.”.

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Item ID: 7187

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