[From first leaf]: Book 102. Keith A. SMITH.
[From first leaf]: Book 102.

[From first leaf]: Book 102.

41 hand-cut leaves (incl. upper cover). Small 4to (130 x 147 mm.), orig. printed covers, “long stitch through slotted wrapper cover” sewing. [Rochester, NY]: Feb. 1984.

A scarce example of one of Smith’s “no-picture books,” printed in an edition of 100 copies, bound and signed by Smith. Here the core of the book is a continuous circle and graduated circular hole through the entire work. The hole in each leaf was formed by a blade attached to a compass. This book was part of Smith’s effort to create affordable hand-bound works in larger editions, “which could be purchased by anyone, even by students — especially by students.” Up to this point, most of Smith’s books were unique or made in very small editions.

As new.

❧ Smith, 200 Books (2000), pp. 174-75–”A paper jig was set up to indicate where the point of the compass would be placed on each page. The center of the hole starts beyond the fore-edge of the front cover and proceeds towards the spine-edge with each additional cut. The final circular cut is close to the center on the back cover.”.

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