Manuscript on paper, entitled in manuscript on label on upper covers “Shinho hiden goun sho” (“Secret Methods of the Needle, Five Aspects, Secret Information Gathered”).

34; 53; 36 folding leaves. Three vols. 8vo (230 x 164 mm), orig. blue patterned wrappers (some worming), later stitching. [Japan]: on the final leaf of Vol. III (in trans.): “copied in March 1787.”

On the final leaf of Vol. III, we learn that this manuscript was copied in March 1787 by an anonymous scribe from “Kojima’s secret information.” These secrets were the property of a school, and only the students and their parents could have access to them.

In the beginning of the first volume, there are five icons denoting: 1. do not insert needles here; 2. good place to insert needles; 3. use a needle but do not insert too deeply; 4. pregnant women should avoid acupuncture and moxibustion treatments on these days; and 5. no acupuncture treatment at all. Following these icons, there is a list pressure points accompanied by one or another of the icons. This is followed by a section on yoketsu, additional pressure points beyond the Fourteen Meridians; a section on the pulse: and discussions of “East” and “South.”

In Vol. II, the text discusses “West” and “North.” Vol. III is concerned with “Central” and 36 ketsu (pressure points). For each pressure point, related illnesses are described. Numerous case histories are given.

Some marginal dampstaining and some considerable worming, occasionally touching the text. The stitching of Vol. III is a little loose.

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