Paintings & Drawings by Kiho & Unkei Yagi

A collection of ca. 60 brush and ink drawings and paintings, many of which are in various colors, from the Yagi family archive, some by Kiho, others by Unkei.

The sheets range from 640 x 1430 mm. to smaller. [Kyoto: 19th century].

The Yagis, father and son, were notable artists of 19th-century Japan. The father, Kiho (1806-76), was born in today’s Shiga Prefecture and lived mainly in Kyoto. He studied painting under Keibun Matsumura of the Shijo school and Giho Yamagata of the Kano school. Kiho excelled at figure painting and bird-and-flower painting and was the subject, along with his teachers, of a recent exhibition (2009) at the Nagahama Castle Historical Museum in Shiga (a catalogue was issued at the time). His work is found at the Kyoto Palace and the Higashi Honganji Temple, also in Kyoto.

His son, Unkei (d. 1892), also had a successful career as an artist, concentrating in the same genres.

This collection of drawings, which are mostly of natural history subjects, landscapes, and dragons, reflects the very considerable skills of the Yagis and must be seen to be appreciated. There are fourteen sheets of underdrawings of birds for the screen at the Higashi Honganji Temple.

In excellent condition.

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