Manuscript on paper, entitled on label of upper cover “Myakushin ho. Fu shishin taii zen” (“Method of Pulse Diagnosis. With the Four Diagnostic Methods.”

42 folding leaves. 8vo (203 x 135 mm.), orig. wrappers (wrappers a little soiled), new stitching. [Japan: mid-Edo?].

A most interesting manuscript on diagnosis employing the “four examinations” or “four diagnostic methods” of traditional Chinese medicine: visual inspection of the patient, especially the tongue; listening to the patient’s respiration and smelling the secretions and excretions of the patient; inquiring (to learn relevant medical history); and palpation of the pulse and pressing corresponding body parts.

The beginning of the manuscript is an introduction on how to use the instructions found in the rest of the text. Beginning of leaf 4, we find extensive explanations of the four examinations but, most interestingly, there are five. The fifth — “myakujo” — is concerned with the 42 types of veins; it is described on the 15th leaf. The rest of the manuscript provides detailed descriptions of each of these veins.

In fine condition.

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