Manuscript on paper, entitled in manuscript on upper cover “Kaden shin sho” (“Method of Handling the Needles, Passed Down within the Family”).

Ten full-page brush & ink illus., highlighted in red. 26 folding leaves. 8vo (258 x175 mm.), orig. wrappers, new stitching. [Japan]: dated on final leaf “April 1685.”

This early manuscript on the use of needles in acupuncture contains family secrets, passed from one generation to another. The information comes from many sources including manuscripts from the highly respected Sanmi hogen (or Sani hogan) family of doctors. On the final page of the manuscript, we learn that Tsushin Tadateru Mizuno gave the information described here to Kihei Hirano.

The text begins with a discussion of the relationship between doctor and patient: they must deal with each other in perfect harmony (ikiai) and must trust each other (ei). Following this, there are discussions on the importance of the supporting second hand while the other hand inserts the needle (oshide), on focusing on the body temperature of the patient (kannetsu), and on the use of needles to release pus and other infections (kiribari or sesshin).

Mizuno provides a number of case histories and, with each, instructions on what kind of needle to use; where it should be inserted and how deeply; and whether the needle should be manipulated after insertion by spinning, flicking, or moving it in and out relative to the surface of the skin. A few of the diseases described here that can be treated with acupuncture are brain hemorrhages, paralysis, slow blood circulation, sexually transmitted diseases, headaches, typhus, diseases of the eyes and ears, asthma, swelling, hysteria, stuttering, etc.

Mizuno also describes how the needles should be inserted in morning vs. afternoon, by season, and by patient type: male or female, plump or thin, etc.

The illustrations depict front, side, and rear views of the human body with their pressure points highlighted in red.

Several leaves with some dampstaining and a few minor wormholes, but a nice copy.

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