Manuscript on paper, entitled on upper cover “Inyo shindensho” [“Yin and Yang of Acupuncture Treatment, passed on”].

12 black & white drawings in the text. 16 leaves. 8vo (222 x 147 mm.), orig. wrappers. [Japan]: “copied in 1569 by Ogawa and presented to Kai.”

A very early acupuncture manuscript. The beginning of this text concerns the yin and yang of the needles and the five organs. The text quickly turns to intestinal worms in the human body and how to treat them with acupuncture and herbal medicines; the two treatments used in conjunction would provide relief from the symptoms (many of which are listed). There are a number of drawings of parasitical worms with their names, the symptoms they cause, and where they reside (lung, stomach, muscle, other tissues, the five organs, etc.).

We learn that to effectively combat these worms, the acupuncturist would chill the needles. Instructions are given regarding how deeply the needles should be inserted and the names and locations of the acupuncture points.

The final leaf contains the traditional illustration of the five organs, with the lung on top and the stomach at the bottom.

Some worming touching the characters and images.

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