Manuscript on paper entitled on label on upper cover: “Shinkyu hyaku mondo [with symbol for ‘Otsu’]” [“Acupuncture & Moxibustion: 100 Questions & Answers. Part 2{?}”].

Seven red & black ink illus. in the text, two full-page black & red illus., & one full-page illus. with two images in several colors. 39 folding leaves. Oblong 8vo (163 x 230 mm.), orig. blue wrappers (wrappers a little frayed), new stitching. [Japan: n.d., but mid-Edo].

An usual, well-illustrated, manuscript on acupuncture; a detailed and extended text on how to handle and apply the needles to acupuncture loci. This explicit account is the first such text we have encountered.

The manuscript is divided into two parts; the first (leaves 1-13) is entitled “Kyusho ken” [“Manual Book of our School of Acupuncture”]. This section contains instructions on how to insert the needles, how deeply, at what angles; how to rotate and manipulate the needles; how deeply the practitioner should breathe while applying the needles, etc. Case histories regarding childbirth are given, along with sections on the differences between men and women in acupuncture practice. There are instructions on how to follow the meridians by temperature of the body parts, etc.

This is followed by illustrations of the five organs, the viscera, and pressure points on the fingers and foot.

The second title is “Shinmyaku ryakuketsu” [“Collection of Knowledge Regarding Patient Diagnosis through the Pulse”], which starts on the 14th leaf. The text is concerned with a basic diagnosis tool: assessing the strength, rhythm, and quality of the pulse in the wrist. There are instructions on where exactly on the wrist the pulse should be taken, the meanings to be inferred by different pulse rates and qualities, differences in the pulse of men and women, etc. There are illustrations of pressure points on the body, with osteological backgrounds.

The presence of the symbol for “Otsu” on the cover title, and the fact that there is nothing concerning moxibustion in the text, suggest this might be Part II of a larger work, but we are uncertain.

Very good condition.

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