Feng Shui, Divination, Geomancy, & Astrology

Chong juan guan ban dili tianji huiyuan zheng pian ti yong kuo yao [A Collection of Profound Secrets in Feng shui]. Editor: Zhimo Xu; compiler: Naide Gu.

Numerous woodcuts in the text. 35 parts in 16 vols. 8vo, orig. wrappers, new stitching. [China]: Xue ku shan fang, 1890.

Second edition (1st ed.: 1880) of the compiler Gu’s collection of writings by Zewei Bu and Bingzhong Liu (both Tang dynasty, 618-907) on feng shui, divination, geomancy, and Chinese astrology. Both the 1880 edition and our edition are very rare. The texts, which first appeared in the 17th century, have remained very popular, and there is also a 1970 (quite wretched) reprint.

Our edition was edited by Zhimo Xu, who lived in the Ming dynasty (1368-1644). The texts include Bu’s Xue xin fu, which appears in the first volume. The first woodcut in this volume is a full-page depiction of Xu giving his disciples geomantic images. Other images in the volumes include further Taoist images of bagua, a series of what appear to be case studies of landscapes that require the use of feng shui, wuxing (the Five Phases: wood, fire, earth, metal, and water), the recommended shapes of moats surrounding castles, the pressure points of the palm of the hand, recommended shapes of burial mounds, how to put water in moats and remove it, physiognomy, pressure points of the face, feng shui applied to the placement and construction of houses, where to locate gates (very extensive), etc., etc.

At the end of the final volume, there is an “Afterword” dated 1615.

This is a very rare book; we locate only one set of the 1880 edition in North America and no set of our edition. This set is in quite nice condition. There are a few tears and some minor worming, but on the whole, in very good state. Preserved in two chitsu.

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