Pin Head, Pirate, My Pet, & Negrita

A scrapbook assembled in the 1930s containing 44 wrappers from cigarette packages created for distributors in China, all in fine condition.

The wrappers have been carefully pasted-in on 22 leaves. Small folio (305 x 230 mm.), orig. boards. N.p.: 1930s.

A fascinating scrapbook, compiled in the 1930s, of the package wrappers of the major and minor brands of cigarettes sold throughout China, then as now a highly competitive market. The wrappers, all in fine and fresh condition, have been very carefully opened and mounted. The wrappers were created to arrest the eye of the customer, and today they still succeed with their bold graphic designs.

Some of the brands include: The Baby, Bridge, Door Fook, Hatamen, Shantung, Legation, Hid-zin, Chienmen Grande, Bell of China, Pirate, Royal, Sweet Caporal, May Blossom, Valo, Pin Head Original Cigarettes, Spear, Embassy, Maskee, Great Wall, The Da Feng Pao Cigarettes, Excel, Revival, Mercury, The Lion, The Three Castles, My Pet, Negrita, Capstan Navy Cut, Pearls, Five Bats, Star, Minaret, etc., etc.

The manufacturers and distributors include: British Cigarette Co., Yee Tsong Tobacco Co., Alliance Tobacco Co. of China, Philippine Chinese Tobacco Co., W.D. & H.O. Wills (Bristol and London), Karatzas Bros., Kinney Bros., W. Duke Sons & Co., The China Nanyang Brothers Tobacco Co., Tai Yuan Tsin Hua Tobacco Factory, Great Eastern Tobacco Co., Wing Tai Vo Tobacco Corp., Tsin Hua Manufactory, Chi Tung Tobacco Co., Enterprise Tobacco Co., Nanyang Brothers Tobacco Co., Manchou Tobacco Co., African Cigarette Co., etc.

Also tipped-in are two cigarette cards given as “freebies” to the purchaser, like gifts in Cracker Jacks boxes. Apparently, cigarettes were sold in packs of ten, as many of the wrappers state “ten cigarettes.”

I believe that none of the brands exist today and the companies have either gone out of business or been subsumed by larger corporations.

Fine condition.

Price: $2,500.00

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