[From the upper cover]: Autumn ‘75.

44 unnumbered pages. Small 8vo (210 x 140 mm.), green printed wrappers, staple-bound. [Amsterdam: 1975].

The extremely rare first catalogue issued by Ulises Carrión’s Other Books and So, a bookshop in Amsterdam dedicated to artists’ publications. Distributed shortly after the shop’s founding, this catalogue was printed on a Gestetner and lists several hundred [from the upper wrapper]: “other books / non books / anti books / pseudo books / quasi books / concrete books / conceptual books / structural books / project books / plain books / multiples / posters / postcards / records / cassettes.” It offers for sale books and bookworks by Beuys, Bochner, Peter Downsbrough, Martha Ehrenberg, Richard Hamilton, Marlene Kos, Kosuth, LeWitt, Merz, Dieter Roth, Ruscha, Chieko Shiomi, Stokes, etc., etc.

An invaluable bibliographic resource for the early dissemination of artists’ books in Europe, in fine condition. No recorded copy in North America.

❧ Not in BoBoAB. Stefan Klima, Artists Books: A Critical Survey of the Literature (1998), pp. 35-36–“As a poet and maker of books, his [Carrión’s] interest embodied all aspects of the codex form: the writing of a text, the production of books, how books influence reading, and how he felt books ought to be read. Throughout his writing Carrión aimed for a new aesthetic; always making comparisons between old books, i.e., traditionally-made books, trade publications, or even limited edition fine books, and new books, i.e., the books he was interested in devising, wanting to spread, talking about and lecturing upon…Carrión always preferred the term bookworks to describe the objects he was writing about. His original definition of bookworks was ‘books that are conceived as an expressive unity…where the message is the sum of all the material and formal elements.’ He expanded this to include ‘books that use other, non-formal aspects: books as document, as object, as idea.’”.

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