Catalogus librorum maxime philologicorum b. I. Andr. Suchfort…ordine digestorum. Qui inde a die VIII. Novembr.…publica auctionis lege divendentur.

1 p.l., 73 pp. Small 8vo, attractive modern marbled wrappers. Göttingen: F.E. Huth, 1824.

The very rare sale catalogue of the library of Suchfort (1747-1824), classical scholar and rector of the Göttingen gymnasium. In 1771, he published a book on Stesichorus (ca. 630–555 B.C.), the first great lyric poet of the West. The catalogue has 1643 lots, and there are multiple items in a number of the lots. The library was very largely devoted to classical studies and philology. The final lot lists Suchfort’s dactyliotheca.

Fine copy. We find no copy outside of Germany.

❧ Loh, Vol. 7, p. 77.

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