A Manuscript Cookbook

Manuscript on paper, primarily written in French but with many recipes in German as well, entitled on the first leaf “Koch Buch von Allerhand Arten Speissen so wohl von Fleisch als Gebackenes und Fischen. 1730.”

Written in several hands, some French, some German. 1 p.l., 358, [11] pp. Two parts in one vol. 4to (210 x 175 mm.), cont. boards (recased, title carefully backed, some inevitable staining & foxing). N.p., but probably western Germany: “1730.”

A most interesting cookbook, written in several mid-18th-century French and German hands, with many recipes from each country’s culinary traditions. The recipes range from a bourgeois standard to fine cuisine. The manuscript is divided into two parts. Pages 1-124 provide recipes for fish and meat dishes; soups; “Pouding;” terrines; baked goods of all sorts; liquors like ratafia, quince brandy; beer, etc. Most of the recipes are titled in French: “Creme Souflée,” “Poisson Mariné,” “Crême au chocolat,” “Boudin blanc très bon,” “Pouding au pommes de terre,” “Excellente Soupe au pain,” “Pouding au Chocolat a la Vanille,” etc., etc.

The second part, which is much more German, gives recipes for baked goods and liquours and many other dishes. They include “Gateau sans sucre,” “Omlette au pain,” “Moutarde,” “Oeufs aux gratin,” regional varieties of beer, etc.

In addition, there are a number of recipes for home remedies for various illnesses. These include a bouillon for “Estomacs Dérangés,” an “Opiate pour les Dents,” “Remède contre la Fièvre, de Mr Helvetius,” a recipe to cure “Coliques d’estomac,” etc.

At the end is an 11-page index of the contents. About 15 leaves of the main section of the manuscript are blank.

A very good early 18th-century cookery manuscript in good condition.

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