The professional archive of Kenji Inamori (active 1903-44), prominent architect & engineer in the Ministry of Education’s Division of Preservation for Important Cultural Buildings.

This archive includes hundreds of documents, manuscript and printed, including original detailed drawings, blueprints, schematics, government reports (some classified), photographs, rubbings, & various ephemera. Nara, Kyoto, & Tokyo: 1903-38.

An important archive. Inamori, a native of Nara, was a prominent government architect and engineer specializing in the reconstruction, renovation, and preservation of shrines and temples. Over the course of his 40-year career, which he began as a trainee in Kyoto’s regional department devoted to preserving monuments, he participated in and led innovative efforts to rebuild, restore, and preserve Japan’s most iconic temples and shrines, such as Todai-ji, Horyu-ji, Daikaku-ji, and the Byodo-in. He was also entrusted with the careful excavation of newly discovered sites, as well as the design and construction of new structures in styles complementing the original buildings. Inamori worked on Buddhist, Shinto, Christian, and Tenri sect buildings.

In 1935, Inamori was promoted to an important position in the division of monument preservation within the Ministry of Education. There, he was responsible for the development of criteria to rank national monuments according to their cultural significance and their need for preservation. Inamori’s impressive career is not at all well-documented in contemporary sources but we have found several published references and his own handwritten résumé is present in this archive. A 2007 thesis by Yukiyoshi Hirooka appearing in the journal of the Architectural Institute of Japan, entitled “Research on the Personnel Structure of Architects Who Were Involved in Reconstruction of Honbou of Hasedera Temple of Taisho Era,” mentions Kenji Inamori in his footnotes, with a brief description of his accomplishments.

This is Inamori’s own archive of his professional life’s work; it documents his accomplishments in the design, construction, preservation, and restoration of temples, shrines, and monuments as well as archaeological excavations. We have organized this archive chronologically, divided by project. Also present is a considerable amount of his personal correspondence and effects, government documents (many classified), and ephemera.

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