Apologia Astrologie. Jacob SCHONHEINTZ.

Astrology Defended

Apologia Astrologie.

One large woodcut diagram in the text. 24 unnumbered leaves. Small 4to, modern boards. Nuremberg: G. Schenck, 21 September 1502.

First edition; this is the first of only two books known to have been printed by Georg Schenck and the author’s only book. “In 1502 there was printed at Nürnberg a defense of astrology by Jakob Schonheintz, a doctor of arts and medicine and a Franconian. He signs his preface at Würzburg. The immediate occasion of this defense was ‘the impudence of a certain man who wishes himself to be considered a theologian, although he is anything else than one, who had attacked astrology and its professors. Pity for the unlearned who may take his attack seriously has moved Schonheintz to reply. He furthermore regards this preliminary skirmish as a preparation for a future encounter, ‘not with a cursed scribbler, but with the most learned and most eloquent Giovanni Pico Mirandola, most generous count of Concordia.’ Schonheintz proceeds to say that no one has attacked astrology more bravely, no one more learnedly, no one with greater force and contention than Pico has.”–Thorndike, IV, pp. 542-43.

This book was much read and quoted in the early 16th century.

Fine copy.

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