Neue Berg-Ordnung des Eisslebisch- und Mansfeldischen Bergwercks.

Woodcut printer’s device on title. 19 leaves, one blank leaf. Small folio, later 18th-century half-sheep & speckled boards, spine gilt. Eisleben: A. Koch, 1674.

A most interesting volume containing a printed edition of mining laws of 1674 and three manuscript copies of mining laws of the 16th century, assembled by and bound for August Ferdinand, Graf von Veltheim (1741-1801). He was appointed in 1790 by Empress Catherine of Russia as general inspector of mines and saltworks in the western regions of the Russian empire. Geology and mining were favorite subjects and at his home in Harbke, he formed an important library along with a fine cabinet of minerals and fossils. His books, with their characteristic oval ownership stamp on the verso of the title of his son Röttger, still appear on the market with some regularity. They are always in very fine condition.

Eisleben and Mansfeld in the eastern foothills of the Harz Mountains were important mining towns, where silver and copper mining took place from the beginning of the 13th century. The 52 sections in the printed collection of laws (dated 28 October 1673) — no copy in North America according to WorldCat — concern surveying, assaying standards, weighing instruments, labor laws, wages, division of profits, etc., etc. They reflect the practical concerns and problems of operating a mine.

Also bound-in is an 18th-century manuscript copy, written in one neat hand on 63 leaves, of three mining laws of the 16th century: “Neue Ordnung und Reformation der Züsammensetzung Eislebishen und Mansfeldischen Bergkwergs…Actum Dresden, den 26 Julii Anno 1568;“ “Volget der ander Umbzüge der Mansfeldischen Bergkgrentze…Anno 10, 11, und 12 Septembris 1571,” and “Protestatio beider Bergkvoigt, Richter und Geschwornen Mansfeldischen und Eislebischen Berges an alle Graven zu Mansfeld [1572].” I do not know if these have been printed.

Very fine condition.

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