Wagon Road from Fort Defiance to the Colorado River…. Edward F. BEALE.

Wagon Road from Fort Defiance to the Colorado River…

One very large folding lithographed map. 87 pp. 8vo, disbound. [Washington]: 1858.

First edition of this fundamental western report, describing Beale’s journey from San Antonio to Fort Tejon on the Colorado. The trip is famous in the annals of travel, since Beale’s task was to deliver the camels the Army had imported as a desert transport corps to their station in the Arizona desert. The trip took them across Texas to El Paso, up to Albuquerque, then over to the Colorado.

The very large (640 x 1220 mm.) map, “Preliminary Map of the Western Portion of the Reconnaissance and Survey for a Pacific Rail Road Route near the 35th Par…with additions showing the route of the proposed wagon road…,” covers the country from the Rio Grande to the Colorado.

Fine copy. The map loosely accompanies the book.

❧ Wagner-Camp 297. Wheat, Transmississippi, 939.

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