Traité d'Insectologie; ou Observations sur les Pucerons. Charles BONNET.

An Important Evolutionary Work

Traité d'Insectologie; ou Observations sur les Pucerons.

Eight folding engraved plates & 2 folding printed tables. Tables in the text. 2 p.l., xxxii, [6], 228 pp.; 6 p.l., 232 pp. Two vols. Small 8vo, cont. green morocco, sides decorated in gilt, spines richly gilt, red morocco lettering pieces on spines, a.e.g. Paris: Durand, 1745.

First edition and a very fine and pretty set of this important work which greatly influenced later evolutionary opinion. Copies in contemporary morocco are rare.

“This pioneering work on experimental entomology incorporates Bonnet’s most important discovery — parthenogenetic reproduction — based on his study of aphids. Bonnet used the result of this and other discoveries as a basis for speculation about life on earth. This work presents in tabular form his version of the ‘great chain of being’. Bonnet’s concept of the essential continuity of life, a consequence of his discovery and preformationist interpretation of parthenogenesis, was a major force in the shaping of later evolutionary opinion.”–Garrison-Morton 308.

A very attractive set.

❧ D.S.B., II, pp. 286-87. Bentley Glass, “Heredity and Variation in the 18th Century Concept of the Species” in Forerunners of Darwin: 1745-1859, p. 164–“In the eighteenth century, the theory of ‘evolution’ was the theory of Charles Bonnet.”.

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