A fascinating collection of about 85 booksellers’ catalogues, mostly German, dating from 1795 to 1840, all coming from the Wittelsbach library of the dukes and kings of Bavaria. Mostly 8vo or small 8vo, bound in the original wrappers or boards, some stitched as issued, some self-bound. Germany: 1795-1840.

A collection of about 85 publishers’ and booksellers’ catalogues coming from the Wittelsbach library at Tegernsee, the “summer home” library of the royal family of Bavaria. This collection offers an excellent view of how the royal family of Bavaria acquired new books for their personal reading pleasure and use. The kings and dukes of Bavaria had considerable intellectual interests and these catalogues reflect their varied activities. The catalogues list both new publications and antiquarian material; the subjects range from music to literature to history to archeology to travel to science. The catalogues were sent to the family and have been carefully preserved. This sort of catalogue is extremely ephemeral; most copies were thrown away after use and have a low survival rate. Below is listing of the cities and their booksellers:

–Amberg: Seidel

–Bamberg: C.F. Kunz, Joseph Anton Goebhardt (many), Johann Casimir Dresch (many), Drausnick (many),

–Bayreuth: Grau

–Brussels: Adolphe Stapleaux,

–Düsseldorff: Joh. Henr. Christ. Schreiner, Wilhelmine Perolla

–Erlangen: Joh. Jac. Palm

–Frankfurt am Main: Frédéric Esslinger, Andreäischen Buchhandlung, Charles Jugel

–Landshut: Philipp Krüll

–Leipzig: J.C. Hinrich

–Mainz: B. Schott

–Mannheim: Artaria et Fontaine

–Monaco: Antonio Weber

–Munich: Karl Thienemann, Joseph Lindauer (many), Johann Palm, Georg Franz, Joh. Nep. Peischer, Ehrentreich,

–Nuremberg: Johann Jacob Lechner, Riegel & Wiesner (many)

–Strasbourg: F.G. Levrault

In fine condition. We can supply a scan of each title-page but, without a doubt, any library will lack 99% of them.

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