Aphorismorum aliquot Hippocratis genuinus sensus & vera interpretatio. Das ist Eygendtlicher verstandt, und warhafftige gegriindte erklerung, uber etliche kurtze hauptspriich Hippocratis, als nemlich uber alle XXV. Aphorismos primae sectionis, und uber die ersten VI. Aphorismos secundae sectionis. Neben dreyen hochnützlichen tractaten, von sonderlicher verborgner kraft und würckung Coraliorum, Hyperici, & Persicariae.

Title printed in red & black. 103 unnumbered leaves, one blank leaf. Small 8vo, modern vellum over boards. [Colophon]: Augsburg: M. Franck for G. Willer, [1568].

First edition of a Paracelsian rarity. Paracelsus' commentaries on the first five of Hippocrates' Aphorisms had been published the previous year in Cologne. The present edition comprises his commentaries on all 25 aphorisms of the first section, and on six of the second. They are followed by treatises on the medical uses of corals and the herbs hypericum (St. John's worts) and persicaria (peachwort). A slightly different version of the section on hypericum was published in the same year by Adam von Bodenstein (Sudhoff 95).

In his preface the anonymous editor gives what he calls an impartial discussion of Paracelsian ideas. He points out that Paracelsus' rude and aggressive style of writing and his personal conduct might have been regrettable, but now, 33 years after his death, the controversy should moderate since there is not such a chasm between the old medical school (Hippocrates and Galen) and iatrochemistry.

Fine copy.

Sudhoff 100.

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