Das Büch Meteororum...Item: Liber Quartus Paramiri de Matrice. PARACELSUS.
Das Büch Meteororum...Item: Liber Quartus Paramiri de Matrice.

Das Büch Meteororum...Item: Liber Quartus Paramiri de Matrice.

Title within typographical border & fine woodcut port. of the author on next leaf. 2 p.l., 106 numbered leaves. 4to, cont. blind-stamped pigskin-backed wooden boards, clasps & catches, upper cover stamped in black "P v P." Cologne: Heirs of A. Birckmann, 1566.

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-- Astronomica et Astrologica...Opuscula aliquot, jetzt erst in Truck geben, und nach der Vorred verzeichnet. Title within typographical border. Fine full-page woodcut port. of Paracelsus on recto of 9th preliminary leaf, woodcut arms on recto of penultimate leaf of the city of Cologne (repeated on p. 179), on verso the arms of Paracelsus, & another full-page woodcut port. of the author on recto of final leaf. Several other woodcuts in the text. 10 p.l., 235, [3] pp. 4to (minor browning). Cologne: Heirs of A. Birckmann, 1567.

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-- Philosophiae Magnae...Tractatus aliquot, jetzt erst in Truck geben, unnd hiernach verzeichnet. Title within typographical border & a full-page woodcut portrait of the author, aged 47, on verso of A4. 4 p.l., 247, [2] pp. 4to (minor spotting). Cologne: Heirs of A. Birckmann, 1567.

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--. ...Schreyben, von den Kranckheyten, so die vernunfft berauben, als da sein S. Veyts Thantz, hinfallender siechtage, Melancholia und Unfinnigkeit, etc. sampt ihrn warhafften curen. Darzu auss gemeldts Authoris Büchern gethan sein etliche lustige und nutzbare Process, Administrationes und würckungen dess Vitriols und Erdenhartzes in rechter treuw publiciert, durch Adamum von Bodenstein. [58] leaves (the last leaf is blank). 4to. [Basel: Perna], 1567.

A magnificent sammelband in a handsome contemporary binding from the library of Hans Fürstenberg with his bookplate. Stamped on the upper cover are the initials "P v P"; it is also signed on the front free fly-leaf in a contemporary hand "Paulus v Praun." Paul von Praun (1548-1616), a wealthy merchant and art connoisseur from Nuremberg, was one of the greatest art collectors of his time. He lived in Bologna and formed a collection of over 250 major paintings (including two by Michelangelo and one by Leonardo da Vinci) and large collections of drawings, copper engravings, and woodcuts by the most important artists of the 15th and 16th centuries (including the finest group of Dürer prints ever formed). The “Praunsche Kabinett” was moved to Nuremberg after Praun’s death and remained intact until 1803.

I. First edition of one of Paracelsus's major contributions to natural philosophy in which he strongly attacks Aristotelianism. This text is followed by the first printing of his Book on the Matrix (in German), certainly one of the most searching texts on the nature of women. The fine woodcut portrait depicts Paracelsus at age 45 and is one of the finest renderings of him.

II. First edition of the first collection of Paracelsus' writings on astrology and astronomy; it contains an extensive introduction by the editor, Balthasar Flöter (fl. 1567). "Paracelsus based his astrology on the age-old theory of the interaction of man (microcosm) with the universe (macrocosm) and he considered astral influences to be one of the five causes of disease which also included poisonous and impure substances, psychological, spiritual, and divine causes."­Heirs of Hippocrates 211. The first woodcut portrait of Paracelsus is after the original Augustin Hirschvogel engraving. Paracelsus is 47 years old, shown holding a sword with his arms and a long inscription round the four sides. The second portrait, also by Hirschvogel and dated 1538, depicts the author at age 45.

III. First edition of this important collection of writings; it is the chief collection of Paracelsus's works on natural philosophy, translated here into German. The texts are: "De Vera Influentia rerum"; "De Inventione Artium"; "De Sensu & Instrumentis"; "De Tempore Laboris & Requiei"; "De Bona & Mala Fortuna"; "De Sanguine ultra Mortem"; "De Obsessis a Malis Spiritibus"; "De Somniis, & Erynibus in Somno & annexis"; "De Animabus Hominum post Mortem apprentibus"; "De Lunaticis"; "De generatione Stultorum"; "De Homunculis"; "De Nymphis, Sylvanis, Pygm. Salamand. &c."; "De Imaginatione"; "De Maleficis & eorum operibus"; and "De Animalibus ex Sodomia natis."

IV. First edition. This treatise on illnesses of the mind -- Diseases that Deprive Man of his Reason -- was written circa 1526, and predates Weyer's De Praestigiis Daemonum by nearly forty years. "Paracelsus anticipated the descriptive method in psychiatry, giving a purely medical account of the clinical manifestations of epilepsy, mania, and hysteria, refuting previous theories that these diseases were caused by demonic possession or other supernatural means."­Garrison-Morton 4916.1.

Fine copies, in very fresh condition.

I. Sudhoff 73. Zinner 2400. II. Sudhoff 85. Zinner 2432. III. Sudhoff 86. IV. Sudhoff 91.

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