Aromatum, et Simplicium aliquot Medicamentorum apud Indos Nascentium Historia...nunc verò primùm Latina facta, & in Epitomen contracta à Carolo Clusio.

Woodcut printer's device on title & 16 woodcuts in the text. 250, [10] pp., one leaf of errata. 8vo, late 16th cent. richly blindstamped pigskin over wooden boards, orig. clasps & catches. Antwerp: C. Plantin, 1567.

[bound with]:

PICODELLA MIRANDOLA, Giovanni Francesco. Libri III. De Auro...Accessit Bernhardi Comitis antiqui Trevirensis... Per Chemeias :[in Greek] Opus Historicum & dogmaticum, ex Gallico in Latinum simpliciter versum, & nunc primùm in lucem editum. Woodcut printer's device on title. 13, [3] (blank), 223 pp. 8vo. OberUrsel: C. Sutor, 1598.

An attractive sammelband in a lovely and fresh richly blindstamped pigskin binding.

I. First edition in Latin of this important account of Indian plants; it is "the first account of Indian materia medica and the first textbook on tropical medicine written by a European. It includes a classic account of cholera."­Garrison-Morton 1815­(the first edition was published in Goa in 1563 and is a legendary rarity).

Clusius (1526-1609), has substantially modified Orta's text and added much new material relating to the New World, derived from Oviedo and Thevet.

The woodcuts depict plants, fruits, etc.

II. Third edition (1st ed.: 1586) of this well-known alchemical book. "His only alchemical work was this on gold. It was written so early as 1515 and in it he endeavours to prove the possibility of the transmutation of metals both speculatively and historically by actual cases, some of which he himself was eye-witness."­Ferguson, II, p. 203­(a copy is in the Young collection). All three of the 16th-century editions are extremely rare.

The author also comments on the medicinal properties of gold and discusses potable gold. There is material culled from many different sources, including Hermes Trismegistus, Plato, Aristotle, Theophrastus, Rhazes, Avicenna, Dioscorides, Geber, Fernel, Arnaldus of Villanova, Ramon Lull, and Johannes of Rupescissa.

Fine copies with the contemporary ownership inscription of Jesuit College at Ingolstadt, dated 1603.

I. D.S.B., X, pp. 236-38­(Orta) & VIII, pp. 120-21 (Clusius). Sabin57,663. Voet 1838.

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