“One of the Most Important Books in the

History of Bleaching”

Allgemeine Grundsätze der Bleichkunst oder theoretische und praktische Anleitung zum Bleichen des Flachses, der Baumwolle, Wolle und Seide, so wie der aus ihren gesponnenen Garne, und gewebten oder gewürkten Zeuge; nach den neusten Erfahrungen der Physik, Chemie und Technologie.

Eleven folding engraved plates. xxiv, 432 pp. 8vo later yellow wrappers, uncut. Berlin: Realschulbuchhandlung, 1804.

First edition of a very scarce book; it is “one of the most important books in the history of bleaching and the first of several on this subject by Hermbstädt.”–Neville, I, p. 628.

“Hermbstaedt’s greatest achievement lay in the field of technology…As a member of the Technical Industrial and Trade Commission, Hermbstaedt frequently met industrialists, including many from outside Prussia. Through the publication of his many textbooks, he performed a valuable service for Prussian industry.”–D.S.B., XV, p. 206. Hermbstädt (1760-1833), the first chemist in Germany to adopt Lavoisier’s views, was professor of technological chemistry at the University of Berlin.

Fine copy.

❧ Cole 639–“A complete textbook on the theory and practice of bleaching.” Partington, III, pp. 577-80. Poggendorff, I, 1082-83. Ron, Bibliotheca Tinctoria, 517.

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