Item ID: 10057 Guang “Xin Fang yan” 廣新方言 [An Expansion of the “New Regional Words”]. Qitong 陳啟彤 CHEN.

Guang “Xin Fang yan” 廣新方言 [An Expansion of the “New Regional Words”].

58 folding leaves, 8vo, orig. wrappers (a little frayed), orig. stitching. Beijing: 1928.

First edition of this dialectological dictionary, published posthumously. Our book is an expansion of a work that in turn was built on ancient precedent. In antiquity, the linguistic variety of China was gathered in Yang Xiong’s 揚雄 (53 BCE-18 CE) The Imperial Light Carriage Emissary Explaining Discursively the Regional Words in Different States through the Ages (Youxuan shizhe juedai yushi bieguo fangyan 輶軒使者絕代語釋別國方言), commonly referred to just as Regional Words, or Fangyan 方言. In 1907-1908, Chinese nationalist thinker Zhang Taiyan 章太炎 (1869-1936) published Xin Fangyan 新方言 [New “Regional Words”]. This book “traced the etymology of several hundred contemporary regional phrases back to the Han dynasty” (Gina Tam, “’Our Roots Are the Same’: Hegemony and Power in Narratives of Chinese Linguistic Antiquity, 1900–1949,” Comparative Studies in Society and History [2023] 65.1: 35). Our book continued this work. Chen traces single characters and binomes to ancient sources and notes their use in contemporary dialects.

Chen Qitong (1882-1926) was a scholar, professor, and student of the Change Classic.

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Item ID: 10057

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