Item ID: 10032 Ci lin zheng yun 詞林正韻 [Correct Rhymes for the Forest of Lyrics]. Zai 戈載 GE.

A Phonological Guide for Lyrics

Ci lin zheng yun 詞林正韻 [Correct Rhymes for the Forest of Lyrics].

103 folding leaves. Small 8vo, orig. wrappers, orig. stitching. [China]: Siyin Zhai 四印齋, 1881.

A rhyme book (yunshu 韻書), or phonological dictionary, providing a standard to adhere to when writing lyrics. Lyrics, or ci 詞, was a poetic genre that is mostly associated with the Song dynasty but continued to be written throughout the late imperial period. Our book is preceded by a lengthy “introduction to the subject” (fafan 發凡), in which Ge relates the rhymes used in the meter for lyrics to those used in other poetic genres, the history of phonological dictionaries, the use of dialect rhymes among Song writers, and other topics. The introduction is dated 1821 (Daoguang 1). The Prefaces by Dong Guochen 董國琛 (b. 1777), Zhu Shou 朱綬 (1789-1840), and Wu Jiaquan 吳嘉洤 (1790-1865) are dated in the same year.

Ge Zai (1786-1856) was a poet, known as one of the “seven masters from the Suzhou area” (Wu zhong qi zi 吳中七子).

Our book carries the imprint Siyin zhai [Studio of the Four Kinds of Self-Cultivation] on the centerfold. A series of collections of lyrics was published with this imprint. The publisher was Wang Pengyun 王鵬運 (1840-1904). Our book was published early in the series, when printing took place in Wang’s clan school (as advertised in the table of contents for the series in the first installment).

❧ Yan Chuanqing 杨传庆, ed. Cixue shuzha cuibian 词学书札萃编. Tianjin: Nankai daxue chubanshe, 2015.

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Item ID: 10032

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