Scroll of paper entitled from old label on outside & at beginning of scroll: “Takagari shozoku” [“Ceremonial Costumes for Falconers”].

38 fine color paintings of costumes and their elements. Scroll (280 x 4170 mm.), consisting of five joined sheets, gold-flecked endpapers. [Japan]: ca. 1800.

A very finely painted scroll with 38 images of ornate costumes and their elements for falconry hunts. The artist has used extremely delicate and fine brushstrokes to depict all the complex elements of each of the fabrics, which are, for the most part, elaborate brocades. Intended for aristocrats and their entourage, mounted and on foot, the costumes are richly ornate, with ample use of fur on scabbards, chaps, and footwear. The artist has skillfully revealed not only the richness of the fabrics but also their functionality (pockets, containers, etc.).

The first image depicts a mounted nobleman with a falcon on his arm. Both the rider and his horse are luxuriously attired. The next image is of a colorfully dressed master of the kennels. Following this are three images of exquisitely dressed noblemen on foot, each in different costumes. Next is a series of paintings of hats, hoods, over and under jackets, gaiters, chaps, socks, slippers, swords and scabbards, a bag for “treats” for the falcon, vests, trousers, other images of finely dressed falconers, etc.

This beautiful scroll belonged to Toshikata Mizuno (1866-1908), a well-recognized Meiji-period ukiyo-e artist, who worked as an illustrator, painter, and printmaker. He was a considerable collector of art and clearly liked this handsome scroll, as he has placed his seal 17 times on blank portions.

Based on a note at the end, we believe this is a copy of a scroll created by Sadatake Ise (1717-84), a member of the ancient family of Sadatsugu, who were for generations masters of ceremonies to the Muromachi shogunate. A scholar of yusokukojitsu (the study of the ancient records, statutes, codes, and customs of the palace), he wrote important books on these subjects as well as on origata, the foundation of what we today know as origami; military practices; and costumes.

In fine and fresh condition. Preserved in a wooden box.

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