Scroll on paper entitled from label at beginning (in trans.) “[Three characters we can’t read] Four Seasons Plants and Flowers Illustrated. One Scroll.”

Many finely painted images of plants & flowers. Scroll (365 x 2850 mm.), with six joined sheets of paper, gold-speckled endpapers. [Japan: late Edo or early Meiji].

A very finely painted scroll, in rich colors utilizing some pigments with metallic elements or with a thickening agent to give a three-dimensional effect, of a medley of plants and flowers, symbolizing the seasons. There are images of cherry blossoms, violets, dandelions, Chinese milkvetch, fiddle ferns, morning glories, sweet William, passionfruit flowers, bush clover, Chinese silvergrass, kuzu flowers, coxcomb, Chinese bellflower, quince, etc.

The anonymous artist was extremely accomplished, and the transition of plants from season to season is extremely subtlety done.

One sheet has several carefully repaired tears, but in fine condition.

Price: $2,500.00

Item ID: 6905