Verzeichniss von Verlags- und Sortiments-Büchern, Kupferstichen, Musicalien und Landkarten, welche bey Franz Haas, Buchhändler in Carlsbad…während der Curzeit um beygesetzte Preise, erstere schön gebunden, zu haben sind.

63 pp. Small 8vo, self-bound. [Vienna, Prague, or Karlsbad?]: 1806.

Franz Haas (1762-1811), was a publisher and bookseller with branches in Vienna, Prague, and Karlsbad, the famous spa in western Bohemia in today’s Czech Republic. This catalogue of about 1000 priced items was prepared to help guests pass the time while taking the cure at Karlsbad. The catalogue contains collected works of popular poets and novelists, books with engravings, children’s books, travel, a small selection of French books, and much engraved music for various instruments.

Fine copy and very rare; WorldCat does not list a copy.

Price: $1,500.00

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